Everyone has abilities, why not opportunities?

Volleyball is back in session!! We are excited that the Metro Parks Disabilities League is ready for some fierce competition this season! We will be at West Park on Saturdays starting April 6th until April 27th. For more information on games, dates, and times, visit our Program calendar. If you're interested in joining a team as a player or volunteering, email our Project HEALTH Coordinator, Dominique Paige, at dominique@s4af.org!

Did you know that Austism affects all ethnic and sociecominic groups? Autism is a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. Autism affects about 1 and 59 children in United States. Help us celebrate and bring awareness to those that have Autism!

Sports 4 All is now accepting inquiries about internships, work study, shadowing hours, and volunteer hours. Our doors are always open to students looking for a hands-on experience in our field. If you would like to learn more about these opportunities, email the Program Director, Dominique Page, at dominique@s4af.org!

Please come out and donate to us on May 2, 2019 during the Big Payback. The Big Payback is a 24 hour online giving challenege for nonprofits around Middle Tennessee. This event will help with getting and training new instructors, buying new equipment, and expand our program. No matter what you can give every penny counts!

Most Valuable Participant

April 2019 MVP- Blaine

Congratulations to Blaine for being Sports 4 All's Most Valuable Participant for the month of April! Blaine always brings his amazing personality to every class activity. He always overcome any obtacles that may stand in his way. We appreciate you and care for you so dearly! Keep up your good work!

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