Date: June 17th 2019

Hello everyone! Here is a list of events and activities we have going on for the rest of the month of June:
Tuesday June 18th: Fifty Forward Bordeaux (Private class) (10am-11am)
MPDP Cheer practice (9am-9:45am)
MPDP Open swim (9am-9:45am)
Wednesday June 19th:MPDP Bowling @Tusculum (1pm-3pm)
Monday June 24th: Project HEALTH community class @ Sports*Com (1:30pm-2:30pm)
MPDP Dance class @Centennial Sportsplex (9am-11am)
Tuesday June 25th: Project HEALTH community class @ Heartland Towers (10am-11am)
MPDP Bowling @Tusculum (1pm-3pm)
Wednesday June 26th: Project HEALTH community class @Centennial Sportsplex (9am-10am)
MPDP Bowling @Tusculum (1pm-3pm)
Friday June 28th: Project HEALTH community class @Centennial Sportsplex (9am-10am)

We're always looking for new faces so if you are interested in getting involved please reach out to our Program Director @

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