Date: May 6th 2014

It’s here. The Big Payback is today, Tuesday, May 6!

Sports 4 All is very excited about this opportunity in our community. Thanks to supporters like you, we are able to turn disabilities into abilities through sports and healthy activities and do good in Middle Tennessee.

Get involved! Here are ways you can donate on Tuesday, May 6: Visit, search for Sports 4 All Foundation, and complete the easy donation steps. You can also visit our website at, and in The Big Payback section, click the link to support Sports 4 All. Giving ends, Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 6:00 A.M.

Thank you for your support during The Big Payback!


2014 Spokespeople

Every year Sports 4 All choses one to two participants to represent us at various events throughout the Nashville area. These individuals participate and excel in our Project HEALTH classes. They have also been one of our Most Valuable Participants (MVP) throughout the preceeding year.  Each year, our spokespeople are honored at our annual An Evening 4 All event, which takes place in February.

This year, we chose two individuals who have been outstanding leaders during Project HEALTH classes, and they have participated in some of our events over the past year. Sports 4 All would like to introduce you to our spokespeople for 2014, Keke Hinds and Portia Carnahan.

Keke Hinds is a Project HEALTH participant, and joined Sports 4 All’s staff, volunteers, and some of her friends to complete the first ever 5K Foam Fest in Nashville this past May. Keke does a great job leading by example in Project HEALTH classes, and she is always willing to try new activities. She always brings joy and energy to class and has a contagiously friendly personality.

Portia Carnahan is a Project HEALTH participant, as well as a former self-advocate intern at our office. Portia has such a caring heart for her friends and co-workers, which is easy to see in classes or at work. She comes to Project HEALTH classes with an excited attitude each day and is kind to everyone she’s around.


5K Foam Fest

We all know it's important to lend a helping hand. But did you know you can have fun while doing it, too? Sports 4 All would like to let you know about a unique opportunity to benefit individuals with disabilities while having some fun yourself. We've teamed up with the 5K Foam Fest - a fun filled running event with obstacles, muc and foam! Coming to Nashville or May 17, 2014, this is a great opportunity to get in shape yourself while benefiting individuals with disabilities in your community. Check out the fun at and register using the code: SPORTS4ALL to receive a $5.00 discount. If getting dirty isn't your style, then volunteer with Sports 4 All at the event. Click here to sign up to volunteer!

5K Foam Fest Facts
  • The 5K Foam Fest is an awesome event - sort of like running a 5K through a carwash
  • It's built for both beginning runners and expert runners alike
  • It has 18 obstacles throughout and stretches roughly 3.1 miles
  • Each obstacle is designed to challenge the runner while providing a great way to break up the monotony of a regular 5K
  • Army course obstacles including vertical walls, mud pits, cargo climbs and mud crawls
  • Inflatable obstacles including slip n' slides, adult sized bounce houses, and the lily pad run (foam pads stretched out over a pool of water)
  • It provides a great excuse to get muddy and have fun doing it
  • After getting muddy runners get cleaned up again by running through foam
  • It's FUN! You'll feel like a kid again running through muc and giant bounce houses
  • It's challenging, too - you'll prove you're a grown up with the Death Drop - the WORLD'S LARGEST inflatable slide!
  • It's the largest obstacle to date in the mud run circuit
  • This race provides a fun carnival feel atmosphere

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