Date: April 9th 2019

Hello Everyone!

We are so excited to be part of the Big Payback this year! This event is a 24 hour online donation event for local nonprofits in Middle Tennessee, which is sponsored by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The Big Payback is very important to Sports 4 All, because it allows people to learn about the amazing programs happening at Sports 4 All. The more money we raise during the Big Payback can allow us to hire more instructors to lead new programs for our participants and buy new equipment for those programs.

Please tell all your friends, family, and neighbors about donating to Sports 4 All on May 2, 2019 starting at midnight! Remember every penny counts! Don't forget to follow us on instagram at s4af  and facebook at Sports four All! 

Thank you!

"Turning Disabilities into Abilities through Sports and Healthy Activities"

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The MISSION of Sports 4 All Foundation is to provide education, training and funding to enable those with disabilities the opportunity to participate in sporting activities and events.

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